Inspiring children lead the way in Plastic Bag Free Raglan effort

When we heard that 8-year-old Django had used his own money to buy himself a reusable Plastic Bag Free Raglan bag, we knew we had to meet him. Django’s family was gifted a PBFR bag, but he wanted to purchase one of his own to carry his school books in and to also support the makers of the bags. 

“We have to care for the earth,” he stated simply. “Even just one more reusable bag will make a difference.”. 

Django and his sister Maayan (4) live in Te Akau and when they take the boat across the harbour to come into town, sometimes they come across rubbish floating in the water. The two have spent time doing beach cleans with school and learning other environmental tips and tricks while working in the garden along side Liz Stanway and Rick Thorpe. 

In talking to the two youngsters, you realise that doing things such as going plastic bag free isn’t just about gaining a few environmental points. It’s about making sure kids like Django and Maayan have the chance to grow up in a clean world. With only a small handful of years on the planet, the two have already picked up their fair share of other people’s mess. The least we can do is make small changes necessary to ensure they have a clean, green future.

Karamea Puriri