Raglan Directory Cover Competition winner

The Chronicle sat down for a chat with the winner of the Raglan Business Directory Cover Competition, 14-year-old Nikau Hansen.

How did you become interested in Photography:  I guess I became interested symbiotically because Dad is a photographer and takes my siblings and I on all his wild photo expeditions.

Tell us about taking the winning shot:  I was wanting to take a pic for the photo comp, so we went down to the beach. It was a really beautiful evening with a gorgeous sunset. I took lots of photos but the one that won was definitely my fav!

What do you generally like to take photos of:  Surf culture, wildlife and any other thing that looks neat.

What other stuff do you like doing:  Surfing, skating, snowboarding, mountainbiking and art.

What’s happening for you in 2017:  Planning on surfing the pumping Teahupoo or pipeline … ha ha, nah, not really.

Not exactly sure what I will get up to in 2017.  I home-school and will be studying NCEA level one. Our family is planning a trip around the South Island or we might change that to an Indo trip if I can convince Mum and Dad.

The Raglan Business Directory 2017 has experienced some unforeseen delays and will now be delivered to mailboxes in January 2017.