Chronicle delivery issues

The Raglan Chronicle and our deliveryman, Graham, would like to extend an apology for the unreliable delivery of the Chronicle at the beginning of the year.

Graham Mortlock has been delivering the Raglan Chronicle each week, rain or shine, for years, and occasionally things out of his control happen which delay the paper from being delivered promptly.

Graham would like to extend his personal apologies to the community and if you do not receive your paper in a timely matter then he is happy for you to give him a call on 022 132 8506 and he will deliver to you as soon as possible.

The Chronicle would like to note that Graham does not oversee the rural deliveries, and most often the week’s paper is delivered when the RD postman does his mail run on Fridays or Saturdays. We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Rural households can alternatively find the paper at the Te Uku Raglan Roast or Te Uku Store.

Each week the paper is also placed in shops around the CBD and can be found online at

If you are interested or know anybody interested in taking on a delivery position please contact the Raglan Chronicle team by email: or phone 07 825 7076.