KASM hosts KASHraiser

KASM is hosting a KASHraiser on Friday 17th February at the Raglan Town Hall to help pay for the fight currently happening against wanna be seabed miners TTR.

KASM has rallied an excellent legal team and seven scientific and economic experts whose input is crucial in this fight for the protection of our precious marine environment. While this wonderful group of professionals are offering very reasonable rates we still have a way to go to ensure we can meet all the costs for the hearing process.

And what better way to raise money than by throwing a great big shindig! So come and have some fun with us and help protect our Oceans at the same time.

Awesome entertainment starting at 8pm includes live bands Knights of the Dub Table, Strangely Arousing, Mighty Lite and B-Rex will spin us some tunes. Tickets are $25 including free snacks & free bus on the Whale Bay – Government Road loop; available from kasm.org.nz/shop/raglan-event-ticket/ or at the door. Bar is cash only (R18).

This will be a great night; we hope you can join us.


KASM and Seabed Mining Facts

By virtually every environmental measurement, the health of our oceans is in decline.

Seabed mining is a destructive brand new commercial activity

The New Zealand government has marketed our oceans to foreign mining companies and aspires to see multiple seabed mining operations in our waters all around the country

This TTR case we are fighting now is precedent setting. If this application is granted we will likely see a flood of applications follow.

If we are successful in stopping this company then we are showing the world that seabed mining is not an option in New Zealand

KASM played a major role in having both previous seabed mining applications denied by NZ’s Environmental Protection Authority

The proposed mining site in the Taranaki Bight and the surrounding area is a thriving recreational fishery for locals. There are reefs in the area teeming with marine life

The mining area is at the southern end of the range of the critically endangered Maui’s Dolphin.

The local people of South Taranaki, Maori and non-Maori, overwhelmingly oppose TTR’s proposal.

We defeated them once and we can do it again.

It will be harder this time. TTR learned a lot last time and there is a great deal of pressure on authorities and decision makers to grant consent

KASM is fighting this destructive mining proposal on behalf of all communities on the West Coast of the North Island, and the future health of Aotearoa’s marine environment

The battle is expensive; KASM must raise enough funds to put up a strong scientific and legal defense.

You can help – come along to this music gig and help us win this!