Raglan kerbside foodwaste collection service commencing August 2017

Xtreme Zero Waste and Waikato District Council are pleased to announce that later this month all Raglan urban households who currently receive recycling and pre-paid bag collections will also receive a foodwaste collection. 

The equipment for the foodwaste collection service is free of charge and will be delivered this month to your property during the week prior to collections commencing.  The equipment will be left inside the property boundary (over the fence or inside the gate) and consists of a kerbside collection bin (green), a kitchen caddy (grey), a pack of 40 compostable foodwaste bags and a care and use brochure.

Like your recycling crates, the equipment belongs with the property. If you move house please leave the equipment at the property.   Please write your address clearly on the side of your green kerbside collection bin.

The equipment will be delivered to all urban households between Thursday, August 17, and Saturday, August 19. The kerbside foodwaste collections begin for Raglan West on Monday, August 21, and for Raglan East on Tuesday, August 22.

Foodwaste collections will be every week and on the same day as your usual collection day and you can start using the service as soon as you get the equipment.  Place your kerbside collection bin alongside your two recycling crates, cardboard, paper and pre-paid bag (if you need one) by 8.30am on your collection day.

The compostable bags for the foodwaste collection are provided free of charge. When you run low, a  reminder slip near the end of the pack should be placed on top of your full foodwaste bags inside your kerbside bin on collection day so that the driver can leave you out some more. Please only use the compostable bags provided by the service in your kitchen caddy; compostable bags from other sources are not suitable for our composting process at the moment.

Remember to put your glass in one crate, plastics and cans in the other. Keep paper and cardboard separate and well secured (tied or in a bag) and the food waste bin needs to be put out with the handle in the locked position.

By using all these recycling services you should be able to use less pre-paid rubbish bags, thereby saving you money.

Xtreme Zero Waste