Raglan Club executive are ready to fight for survival

Raglan Club membership have voted overwhelming to remove president Colin Sullivan from the executive committee at a special general meeting.

Chaired by former Raglan ward Waikato District councillor Clint Baddeley, the vote was put to over 200 members in attendance by secret ballot at the meeting last Sunday.

Although not in attendance, an email by Colin was read out explaining he had received legal advice not to attend as it would sanction the validity of the meeting.

“I wanted the meeting postponed until the club’s lawyers were back so the club could get advice and I could get advice,” Colin says.

Other remits included affirming vice president Debbie Dalbeth as the new president, developing a strategic plan to be implemented by March 2018 – incorporating budget forecasting, financial review, evaluation of the executive committee and human resources, and membership team building initiatives were met with full support.

The membership also supported further motions to have at least three executive members present when legal and professional advice is sought, retaining an independent chair for executive committee meetings for a period of time and the cancellation of a special general meeting in February called by the Colin.

Documents presented at the meeting included a letter dated June 22, 2017 and signed by Colin and SuperValue owner Sanjay Sharma recording an interest free loan to the club of $50,000.

Debbie says the Club takes full responsibility for repaying the loan and all money from the loan was used in the day-to-day running of the club.

“We are very grateful for the loan from Sanjay, we are just concerned that the correct processes weren’t followed in getting the loan.”

Including Debbie, the executive now comprises vice-president Pablo Rickard, secretary John Joensen, treasurer Kay Fong, Craig Bridgeman, Dale Warren, Gary Kite, Glenn Rangitonga and Walter Rapana.

Debbie says the executive are now focussed on working with Bizworx to develop the club’s strategic plan.

“The members have told us they don’t want to sell so we will be moving step-by-step to secure the future of the club.”

Janine Jackson