News update from Raglan Community House

This week we sat down for a chat with Raglan Community House Manager Mike Rarere.

What services are currently on offer at The Raglan house?

The Raglan Community House currently provides the Building Financial Capability Service, Low Cost Counselling Service and Free Drug and Alcohol Counselling.

The Building Financial Capability Service (formerly the Budgeting Service) is facilitated by Noelene Manufui on Thursdays and Fridays. This free service has 2 components:

The Financial Mentor component provides one to one mentoring for those who want help to manage their money, develop an individual plan to improve their current situation and better understand their money personality.

The Money Mates component uses groupwork and workshops to learn new skills and develop support around the individuals participating.

What new developments have there been? New staff etc?

Noelene brings a fresh face and new ideas to our services. The next free workshops are ‘Learn about Tenancy Law’ 10am-12pm Thursday August 30 and ‘Learn about Consumer Law’ 10am-12pm Friday August 31 in the Raglan Community House Basement Meeting Room. Contact us to reserve your place on 07-8258142.

Low Cost Counselling is available with our two experienced Counsellors on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays. Rates start at $10 for Community Service Card Holders.

Our Free Drug and Alcohol Counselling is a collaboration with Pai Ake Solutions and is available every Wednesday.

Contact us for more information or to book an appointment.

This year we have welcomed several new members to our team, including Lara Toxward as the House’s Financial Administrator, Noelene Manufui as Financial Mentor, and Maryann Tuao as the Community House Youth Development Worker. Lara brings a positive and fresh approach to our administration. She is at the Community House full-time and supports the Manager to meet the needs of this Community. Maryann joined our team earlier this year and is developing projects including the Raglan Youth Innovation Project and Raglan’s Youth Week Project to provide activities, workshops, events and mentoring to support local young people. The next planned workshop is on Screen Printing T-shirts and aims to develop positive skills and encourage innovation and entrepreneurship amongst youth. Details to be confirmed.

What other things are happening at the Community House?

This year we have moved our Op Shop from the basement to upstairs. Now you can’t miss it as you can see it through our main windows for that special bargain. Thanks to Helena, Bob and the team for their awesome support of our Op Shop. We continue to provide the daily Health Transport Service in collaboration with the Raglan Community Vehicle Trust, making sure community members can get to the health services they need in Hamilton.

Jake Fyalka joins us from 2-3pm every Thursday to provide free Digital Device support including Smartphones, Tablets and Laptops.

And, of course, all are welcome to our ‘Drop-in Lounge’ service Monday to Friday 9am-4pm for a cuppa, bicky and conversation.

Mauri ora.
Mike Rarere, Raglan Community House Manager