Raglan Housing Survey drop off

WRAP have been busy this week delivering collection boxes so there are plenty of places for you to drop off your survey once you’ve completed it.

Raglan Library, the Raglan i-site at the Museum and Raglan Community House all have collections boxes as it says on the survey, but now we have some extra spots for you to drop it off.

Parents dropping their children at Raglan Area School can leave their surveys in the box at the school office. Also Raglan Surf Co, The Food Department in Raglan West, 4 Square, WOK and The Herbal Dispensary all have collection boxes, with a couple of other cafés waiting for a word from the boss – thanks for finding a spot on your busy counters.

We will be out there looking for other places to leave collection boxes so if you would like one, text or call Fiona on 027 688 9754 and she will drop one off.

SURVEY TIP 1: Some of the questions are aimed specifically at those who rent or have mortgage payments to make each week. If you own your own home freehold (you have no mortgage or loan payments on your property) just skip any questions that you think don’t apply to you and carry on.

SURVEY TIP 2: Name and address details – if you don’t want to include this, leave it off the form. The survey asks for name and address, only so that the data input team at Waikato University can run a check once all the data is in for duplication – to make sure no form has been entered twice.

Keep a look out on Raglan Notice Board for any updates about the survey or new locations to find a collection box.