Irma Schutte Health

Irma is delighted with the launch of her holistic healthcare practice here in Raglan.

She has worked in the field of natural medicine, both as practitioner and teacher, for almost 20 years. Irma qualified as a homeopath with the British Institute of Homeopathy in 2000 and is currently completing a course in nutrition with Integrative Nutrition, a New York based school.

Originally from South Africa, she has called Raglan home for eight years now. Natural medicine is in her blood. Irma’s mum was a well-known practitioner in Durban and a great source of inspiration to her. Sadly she passed in 2009. A part of Irma feels compelled to continue with her mum’s legacy that nature is good.

Areas of special interest to her include:

Skin disorders

Digestive health

Addiction/craving problems

Depression, anxiety and sleep disorders

Hormonal imbalances

Viral infections

Stress management

For appointments and more information call Irma on 027 890 2040 or visit her website