Solscape: Finding the Sweet Spot

Sitting high above Manu Bay and Ngarunui Beach looking out over the Tasman Sea, the most fortunate visitors to Raglan find themselves parked up at the beautiful and iconic eco retreat, Solscape.

Established in 2002, Solscape has steadily evolved its earthy offerings and caters to a wide variety of visitors from around New Zealand and the globe who are looking for a uniquely grounding, nurturing and inspiring experience.

Most renowned for its quirky array of sustainably designed holiday accommodations – tipis, earth domes, eco baches and cabooses, Solscape has more recently broadened and ramped up their health and wellbeing services for visitors.

Yoga, massage, healthy food, cranio-sacral therapy and sacred journey guidance consultations are now daily offerings and central to what goes on at this one of a kind destination.

Solscape’s team of qualified and experienced Yoga instructors draw from a mixture of yoga styles catering for all levels from the absolute beginner to the more advanced yogini and the views from the spacious, elevated yoga room are truly spectacular.

Peacefully nestled amongst the trees, the Kahuna Room is Solscape’s sanctuary for healing. Utilised exclusively for massage, bodywork and personal self-development consultations, many a magical moment has occurred between client and practitioner in the safety of this beautiful space.

We can’t look past good food when it comes to taking care of ones health and wellbeing and the Conscious Kitchen focuses on providing ethically sourced, lovingly prepared, nourishing meals and treats served on their dining terrace with world class views.

Simply put, Solscape is hitting the sweet spot on so many levels and no visit to Raglan is complete without a little taste.

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To book a Yoga mat or healing therapy call 07 825 8268.