Home Sweet Home: Frank and Jane Lorenzen

This week the Chronicle, in collaboration with The Raglan Project, is launching a monthly column called Home Sweet Home that features locals in their humble abodes. This week we sat down with Frank and Jane Lorenzen.

Frank: We have lived in this house for five years but I’ve lived in Raglan 83 years. I was born down at the homestead called The Oaks on Lorenzen Bay Road but its not there anymore. It was on a knoll overlooking the harbour, nothing there just paddocks and a dirt road leading to it. My father owned the farm from inside Greenslade road and back to Lorenzen and he subdivided it up. That’s why the road was named Lorenzen.

Where we live now used to be the hay paddock.

Jane: I came to Raglan 64 years ago when I was 12. We have lived in three houses on Lorenzen Bay road over the years. We had to downsize because of health problems so we came here. We tried Hamilton to be closer to medical facilities but we only lasted 3 months. I didn’t like it and felt lost so we came home.


Frank: We’ve seen so many changes over the years. So many more houses and less paddocks. It’s progress I suppose.

Jane: I worked in the Raglan Post office when I was sixteen delivering telegrams and sorting mail. Frank happened to walk past the window and winked at me.

Frank: No it was the other way round. She winked first. She was a flirt!

Jane: When we went out we used to know everybody but not now. I guess every bodies at work.

We are lucky to have our daughter Anne in town who looks after us. She gave me this super-star-mum statue when she was 12.


Home Sweet Home is sponsored by The Raglan Project. Supplying Raglan with everything you need for your home building project. Located at 1 Wainui Street, open 7 days. Ph. 825 8881.