International Speaker on GMOs and GE to give talk

The talk will take place in the Raglan Town Hall Supper Room on Wednesday 5 September at 7pm.

Dr Jonathon Latham is currently touring Aotearoa to help us understand the implications of Gene Editing Technology and has accepted an invitation to speak in Raglan. Dr Latham is a prominent international advocate for public interest science, holds a Master’s degree in crop genetics and a PhD in plant virology. The theme of his talk is Advanced Gene Editing in Agriculture, Food and Biosafety Regulation.

Dr Latham considers it vital to be informed and discuss what we should consider for the future of our human and ecological health ahead of the application of this new science.

Some of the issues he will address are related to pest control and prey species extinction

along with the potential gene spread from original species to others.

There are global concerns with Gene Editing or Crisper technology with several countries seeking a moratorium due to a lack of ethics and robust legislation.

The outdoor use of Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) has the potential to create significant adverse impacts on the environment and adversely affect the social, economic and cultural wellbeing of people and communities.

There have been several court cases in Aotearoa involving GMOs. The case of Federated Farmers of New Zealand v Northland Regional Council has established that local councils have the power under the RMA to control the use of GMOs via their local planning instruments.

The Waikato District plan is under review and there is a chance to insert provisions in the draft plan.  Come along to listen or contribute to the discussion.

Whaingaroa Environmental Defence Incorporated