Raglan Naturally leading the charge for community-led development

Raglan Naturally have had a win for community-led planning teaming up in a five-year partnership with the Department of Internal Affairs (DIA).

Selected to be part of the DIA Community-led Development Programme, Raglan Naturally coordinator Gabrielle Parson says it is an exciting opportunity  for the community and a win for continuing grassroots development here.

“The programme is a perfect fit for Raglan Naturally as it uses the same community-led approach we have already been working with.  It has been about working together, building on our strengths, encouraging wide participation, developing local leaders and an action plan to measure and celebrate our achievements,” she says.

One of 19 communities across the country and one of the first in the Waikato, the Raglan Naturally partnership will also mean an access to resources to help with the on-going work and development of Raglan Naturally  and for supporting projects that come out of the Raglan community plan.

Jenny Nand (DIA Advisor) has been following the Raglan Naturally journey for a while now and after meeting with us and attending our community open day she could see we were working on the same guiding principles that form the foundation of the DIA’s programme.

“The DIA are really excited to work with us and to take learning from this partnership to further enhance their community-led development programme across New Zealand,” Gabrielle says

Raglan Naturally members Lisa Thomson, Heather Thomson, Sadra Saffari and Gabrielle will attend a DIA community-led workshop in Wellington and will meet with the other communities involved in the programme.

“The programme will also help us make connections with like-minded communities which will help us build on what we are doing in Whaingaroa.”

Gabrielle says the team are finalising the Raglan Naturally plan from which they will be able to prioritise projects for community action and to  feed into the Waikato District Council’s long-term plan.

We will keep you updated as Raglan Naturally continues to evolve.  For more information about Raglan Naturally visit the Raglan Naturally Facebook page, www.raglannaturally.co.nz or email raglannaturally@gmail.com.

Janine Jackson