XZW wood yard expands to meet growing needs

The Wood Yard at Xtreme Zero Waste has gone through a radical transformation both in size and structure.

With Deb King at the helm, the team have slowly moved the retail section to a larger purpose-built space out the back with the retail converted into a larger workshop space.

And fitting with Xtreme Zero Waste’s kaupapa, all of the renovations have been done using material from the yard

Deb says the transformation has been on XZW’s wish list for a few years now and once the expansion was finished at Kaahu’s Nest it was time to start on the Wood Yard.

“The team have worked really hard getting it all together and we have some really skilled people in the team,” she says.

Joining Deb in the yard is Punk Pete and Martin who have been put to work utilising their carpentry skills. Having had a hand in building and renovating several homes, Deb is also handy on the tools.

The expansion means the yard will be able to repair, process and upcycle the building material and furniture more efficiently and productively, Deb says.

“There has been an increase in the amount of furniture and other material dropped off at Xtreme, and especially over the summer time. With the changed layout and increased space, we will be able to deconstruct and upcycle goods faster.”

Much of the upcycled material will be sold out of the new retail space next to The Raglan Club.

“The owner has been very generous in offering us a space for our upcycled products and we are looking forward to showcasing Xtreme Zero Waste on the main street in time for the summer season.”

There are future plans afoot for the yard, including upcycling workshops, a tool library, men’s shed, women’s shed, and elder and youth workshops.

Deb’s also working with Timebank Raglan’s coordinator Sarah Lancaster to turn volunteer hours at XZW into credits for workshops.

“I’ve had lots of people come into the yard and want to volunteer time so they can learn new skills.”

An upcycling competition along the lines of Art to Wear and upcycled exhibitions at the Old School art Centre are also ideas for the yard that Deb has hopes of developing in the future.

The team are after donations of power tools to the Wood Yard to use in the workshops and to loan out for a future tool library.

Contact Deb, Pete or Martin in the yard or email office@xtremezerowaste.org.nz.

Janine Jackson