New and improved facilities as golf club marks 50 years

Golfers are revelling in the new, improved facilities at the Raglan Golf Club’s Te Hutewai Road 18-hole course.

The non-stop action at the attractive course received a major boost with the recent felling of several stands of mature pine trees.

Contractors milled the export-quality timber which returned a tidy income for the club.

That kick-started plans for improvements on the course and clubhouse.

Gone are the sheep that contently grazed the course for many years.

“Members agreed that, although the flock of sheep had done a wonderful job keeping the fairway grass under control for a long time, the course would offer a more attractive surface if it is maintained in other ways,” said club president Peter Aim.

“So, we sold the sheep and we are investing in new machinery to use in the upkeep of the course.”

On the list are mowers and a tractor.

“It will be more work and time consuming, but at the end of the day we will have a great golf course,” Aim said.

“Already, after just a short time, the feedback from golfers has been absolutely positive and the course will continue to get better and better – it’s pretty exciting.”

The felling of the pines has also given the club the opportunity to explore beautification and other options.

“We have developed a re-planting plan,” Aim said.

Natives, along with various species, feature on the plan which is already underway.

Changes to the ninth and 17th holes are also under discussion.

“We want to raise the course rating and we are considering the idea of lengthening those two holes,” he explained.

Practice nets have been erected and the finishing touches will be completed in a short while.

The roadside vegetation has been tidied, as has the entrance driveway to the course and the carpark has been extended.

The clubhouse hasn’t been forgotten.

“The clubhouse is looking great,” said Aim. “Members, as they have done with working bees on the course, have pitched in with painting and other projects to upgrade the clubhouse interior. Also the floors have been upgraded to polished concrete and look fabulous.

“There’s a wonderfully positive vibe around the club and with an enthusiastic, vibrant executive, things are going ahead in leaps and bounds.”