Raglan Naturally: Update

Many will be familiar with the original Raglan Naturally plan developed in 2001, or have been among those who crammed into the Supper Room of the Town Hall in August last year to celebrate its 15-year anniversary.

The celebration saw a firm resolution to re-ignite and expand upon the original plan. The Raglan Steering Group (RNSG), endorsed by the Community Board, has since been formed.

The RNSG will update the original plan and produce a new version as a blueprint for the future development of Raglan/Whaingaroa. The new version will contain priorities and actions endorsed by the community and act as a living document to future development. It will guide us in dealing with the challenges and opportunities. To achieve a new document, we plan to have sub-project groups and hold meetings where Raglan citizens can talk, listen and become involved.

What have we done so far?

The RNSG have had several face-to-face meetings at Poihakena Marae to frame how we will pursue this project. We’ve met with Raglan Community Board members and our local councillor who are fully supportive of a new plan. We’ve met Waikato District Council staff who are also keen to support the project. In mid-March, we will meet with Mayor Alan Sanson. We’ve established some values based on what was important in 2001, and aim to publish the new Raglan Naturally Plan in 12-18 months’ time.

What next?

Over the coming months we’ll be helping to establish special interest groups, possibly inviting others on to the steering group and seeking advice from local experts. We’ll be looking at housing, iwi, tourism, business, environment, youth, education, etc. We’ll want input so that we can gain a deep appreciation of all the factors that influence our society. We want your ideas on how you’d like to see Raglan develop so that the plan fully represents our community. We’re investigating various ways to get your input.

Our next major task is to get funding. We require a paid project co-ordinator (about 20 hours a week) and a skilled facilitator to guide the planned meetings.

We’ll provide regular updates via the Raglan Chronicle and to ask for volunteers in areas of interest. Please keep a look out for updates so you can become involved.

From the RNSG: Rangi, Kelly, Rolande, Tim, Stephanie, Deb, Tony and Meredith.