The Young Ones: Jodie Sharples and Zoe Dowling

This week the Chronicle spoke to Jodie Sharples (left) and Zoe Oliver Dowling (right) who have returned from a Trans-Tasman athletics tour.

Tell us about the process of being selected for the tour?

Jodie: We went to a trial at Mount Smart Stadium in Auckland in November.

What part of Australia did you go to?

Zoe: We stayed at St Gregory College in Campelltown, Sydney.

What did the tour involve?

Zoe: Every day we would wake up ready for the next adventure, either going to the movies, going to a ribbon day or going to a water park. One day there was a big competition and you competed in your specialties. The day before that we went off with an Australian family who had a child competing in the Trans-Tasman and they took us sightseeing.

Jodie: We had an athletics ribbon day and the main competition day. The rest of the time we went sightseeing and one day one of the Australian athletes took us each out on a ‘Take a Kiwi Out Day’. We also went to Jamberoo water park and had a massive shopping day at McArthur Mall.

How did you go in the events?

Jodie: I completed in 100m, long jump and shotput and my 100m relay team got a silver medal.

Zoe: I got a siver medal in the 4 x 100m relay. I got into the final for 100m and 200m sprints. I also competed in discus.

What was the highlight of the experience for you?

Zoe: Meeting friends who are now friends for life. Going on the big rides at Jambaroo water park.

Jodie: Getting a medal was a definite highlight and going to Jamberoo water park.

How did it feel to be so far away from home for eight days?

Zoe: It was awesome because it was like a sleepover except you had eight sleepovers in a row!

Jodie: Fun because we were with fr¬iends.

What athletics are you involved with back at home?

Jodie: I go to Frankton Athletics Club, Ribbon Days in the Waikato, and before the trip we went to Porritt Stadium and had sprint training with Barrie Jennings for Youthfit.

Zoe: I go to Hinemoa Athletics Club on Thursdays and I do training with Barrie Jennings at Porritt Stadium on Wednesdays.

What are your preferred events?

Zoe: I love sprinting 100m and 200m.

Jodie: 100m and long jump.

Jodie and Zoe would also love to thank all those that supported their chocolate stall and Satnam from Four Square and Raglan Lions for the sponsorship.