Cluster of COVID-19 cases in Matamata linked to St Patrick’s Day celebration

Waikato DHB has confirmed a cluster of COVID-19 cases in Matamata can be linked to a St Patrick’s Day celebration at the Redoubt Bar.


There are currently 23 confirmed cases in the area and most have been identified as attending the March 17 event, or were directly linked to those who attended.

Leena Singh, Incident Controller for the health response in Waikato, said the public health team continues to work through the connections of those affected to ensure we continue to link our positive cases and discount true community transfer. Work to date identifies the original source to be linked to overseas travel.

“With the Alert Level 4 lockdown now in effect, residents of Matamata can be assured that they are already undertaking the safest possible practice by isolating and should continue to follow the national guidance. To ensure they limit any further transmission people should avoid travel, wash their hands and practice social distancing.

“Please stay in your bubble as this is the most effective way to eliminate the virus.”

Ms Singh said any Matamata residents with symptoms of COVID-19 should contact Healthline or their GP and visit a Community Based Assessment Centre (CBAC). They should inform the staff if they had attended the Redoubt Bar during the previous two weeks, or if they had close contact with anyone who had.

Any visitors to the town who had visited the bar on 17 March for the St Patrick’s Day celebration and experiencing symptoms should also follow these steps. Ms Singh said it was important to know whether there has been spread beyond Matamata.

Waikato DHB is setting up a local CBAC at the Matamata Civic Centre, 11 Tainui Street, which is expected to begin operating from 3pm today. It will be on site for the remainder of the week.

All swabs taken from Matamata will undergo priority testing.