If you’re driving to exercise, it’s not exercise!

Exercise enthusiasts are being urged to set out from home and not travel in cars to their favourite walking track or the beach, as the numbers of people with COVID-19 in the Waikato continue to rise.

“If you’re having to drive to a destination to exercise, it’s simply not exercise and it increases the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus,” said Waikato Civil Defence and Emergency Management Group Controller, Julian Snowball.

“Our advice is clear. Keep exercise solitary or only with people you live with, and set out from home on your walk or bike ride. The only reason to be in your car is if you are travelling to essential services, or you work in them.

“While you’re exercising, it’s also really important to avoid public spaces where others might gather so you can maintain physical distance and don’t touch surfaces such as park benches or playgrounds,” Mr Snowball said.

He also issued a plea for people to avoid activities such as swimming, boating, surfing, hunting and tramping. “I understand it’s tempting to head out while the weather is good. But we only have one chance to slow the spread of this virus and it’s selfish to be exposing others to risk.

“Don’t go where you might need rescuing. We need to make sure our emergency services are available to help those in the greatest need.”


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 All health updates on COVID-19 or information on community-based assessment centres are managed by the Ministry of Health. Go to covid19.govt.nz for more information.