Daily lives of front line workers: A baby girl born amidst the crisis

Last Thursday morning, April 9, a healthy baby girl was born over in Melbourne, Australia. Meanwhile in Raglan, her dad Satnam Bains celebrated with his family over video call, unable to be there himself during the labor, but there in spirit, as his wife gave birth to a new member of their family, named Japji.

Satnam’s wife Harshi is currently staying in Melbourne to be close to her other family members during this pandemic so Satnam has been isolating on his own at the Four Square premises. Owner of the local Four Square supermarket, Satnam has been working tirelessly since the lockdown started on Wednesday, March 25, to keep his shop’s shelves stocked, premises clean and staff safe.

The day before his daughter’s birth, Satnam had organised the donation of key items to be distributed through the Raglan Foodbank, Raglan Community House and Waikato Civil Defence to those in need and struggling to get essential supplies like food. These donations were made possible through Satnam himself as well as some key anonymous donors from the community.

If you visit Raglan Four Square today, you may have also noticed that a hand washing basin has been put up outside the supermarket entrance so that customers can wash their hands. Another initiative that will help members of the community stay safe by practicing good hygiene, especially for those that do not have access to things like hand sanitizer and gloves.

Many of these initiatives have not been individual efforts but collective community responses during unpredictable times. Acknowledgements to: Gareth Bellamy (Waikato Civil Defence), Margaret Dillon (Feed the Kids) Raglan Surf Emporium, Raglan Computer Services, Michael Craft Unit Services, Harley from Drip Fee Plumbing and of course Satnam Bains (Raglan Four Square)

Editor’s Note: Satnam actually doesn’t even know that the Chronicle is writing this story this week so it would be great if our readers could give a little shout out to him, either by giving him a toot with your car horn or  giving him a wave (from a safe distance of course) to help him celebrate the blessing of his daughter while he is alone during lockdown.

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