Isobar sponsoring free coffee for health workers as we move to Level 3

Raglan business Isobar is showing its support for hard-working health professionals by serving up free coffees as soon as Level 3 commences this week.

The community-minded business has teamed up with Ozone Coffee and Dreamview Milk in this selfless initiative, aimed at thanking and supporting health professionals working on the frontline throughout continued lockdown conditions.

Isobar-owner Matt Taggart is one of many hospitality business owners severely impacted by the sudden Covid-19 business closure, compounded by the fact he invested in and opened his new business just four months earlier.

“Everyone has their own story and struggles on how they’ve been affected, but we’re always looking to find and create something positive, so for the two weeks of Level 3 operating conditions we’ll be taking online orders for doctors, nurses and other frontline health workers and serving their coffee orders at no cost.”

The scheme is supported by two of Isobar’s key suppliers, Ozone Coffee and Dreamview Milk.

“I’d love to see this become a nationwide scheme that other businesses pick up on. It’s been a long, tough four weeks for many, but particularly those who have been working at the frontline of the health sector, and this is our way of saying thanks and showing our appreciation.”

The Isobar coffee scheme will run from 7am-10.30am when the breakfast and takeaway lunch menu is available from Monday to Sunday, kicking off when the doors re-open on Wednesday April 29 and continuing through until May 13 2020. (Follow Isobar Raglan on facebook or Instagram for information on how to order.)

The business is continuing its creative thinking, with the next project ensuring that those working under Level 3 conditions are safely kept fuelled and fed; developing Tradies Lunchboxes for builders to collect with their morning coffee.

“Builders and construction workers won’t be able to leave a property once they arrive for work for the day, so we’ll be putting together some fab $10/$15 lunchboxes for them also, as well as looking at ways to continue supporting our own staff by bringing a version of our day and evening menu options to locals.”