Playing dress ups during lockdown

The old adage of Get Up Dress Up and Show Up seems particularly pertinent right now with a nation in lockdown struggling to find distractions to amuse and sustain us. I saw a recent Facebook post which featured a NZ personality celebrating Formal Friday and with my own extensive collection of dress ups I couldn’t resist the opportunity to give some of them an airing.

And why would you limit yourself to JUST one day to dress in theme so I have taken the liberty of renaming the days of the week

Magical Monday

Throwback Tuesday (a retro-fest)

Wicked Wednesday

Thirsty Thursday -featuring your favourite tipple- wearing appropriate attire of course

Formal Friday

Sensational Saturday or as it morphed into last week Spicy Saturday

Slovenly Sunday – where  Onesies, Yoga pants, fluffy slippers and PJs reign supreme

So many thanks to those of you who are following my daily Facebook posts and loving the people who have already taken up the challenge and joined in the frivolity.

So why not get involved -pick a day, dress accordingly and upload a photo on Facebook.

Come on …..I dare you to .

Angela Massey