Xtreme Zero Waste Organics Yard News

Here is an update from the Xtreme Zero Waste team:

Change of Greenwaste Drop off

Kia ora all our valued customers please note that from Monday, June 22, the green waste drop off service will be closed every Monday and Tuesday.

Our green waste drop off open hours are as follows:

Wednesday Open   12.30 – 4.30

Thursday Open   12.30 – 4.30

Friday Open   12.30 – 4.30

Saturday Open   10.00 – 4.30

Sunday Open   10.00 – 4.30

Xtreme has made this change in the interest of providing a good service to our customers and ensuring there is always a staff member on site to assist you with your loads. We hope that this enables people to get their garden jobs done and material dropped off during the weekend.  Please don’t bring your garden waste to us on Monday and Tuesday or we will have to put it in the landfill bin which is 3 times as expensive.

Compost News

It’s been great to see so many of our community getting their fill of superfood and carbon compost and building great gardens during the Covid lockdown. Hopefully you’re already enjoying delicious veges and fantastic flowers.

Carbon Compost on Sale until June 30.

We can supply carbon compost, great for landscaping and general garden filling, ON SALE FOR THE REST OF JUNE at the great rate of $35 per cubic metre.  We can deliver miniskips of carbon compost to yours, free of delivery charge in Raglan (on Fridays), minimum order is 2 cubic metres; please phone your order in on 0223013464 by Wednesday afternoon.  Alternatively, you can get either 0.5 or 1 cubic metre skips loaded onto your trailer up at Xtreme, please see the staff up at the main yard for loading.  Sieved Superfood, a nutritious fertiliser, is also available for delivery at $150/cubic metre.

Bagged Superfood, Garden Mix and Superfood Mulch compost is always available up near Kaahu’s Nest shop.

Xtreme Zero Waste