Introducing new service: Seaside Nannies

This week the Chronicle sat down with Feli von Peter who has recently launched a local service offering babysitters and nannies to local families.

You have recently set up a local nanny service/agency. How did you come up with the idea?

Living in a growing and buzzing town with many young families we noticed quickly that the demand for trustworthy and reliable nannies and babysitters was bigger than the offer.

The wish to make these services more available for everyone was the start of Seaside Nannies.

Explain the concept. What services do you offer?

Seaside Nannies offers a Nanny and Babysitter Service. Whether you want to head out for a walk and a coffee in the morning or you go out for dinner with friends at night, Seaside Nannies will find you the best babysitter. And if you are in need of a carer who looks after your children on a regular basis a nanny is the perfect person for you.

What qualities do your nannies generally have?

Our nannies have a warm and inviting nature about them which gives young children a sense of feeling safe and respected. Before parents leave their children with their nanny we always recommend a gentle and peaceful introduction week where a parent is present while the nanny bonds the with children to build a healthy attachment. This assures that a certain level of trust gets created  between the children, the parents and the nanny. At Seaside Nannies we see children as equal to us and we respect them for who they are. We encourage children to grow into their best version of themselves by following their interests and curiosity in a playful way.

And what qualifications or checks are required?

All our nannies and babysitters are experienced, interviewed, reference checked, police vetted and hold a valid first aid certificate. We make sure that we pair each family with a nanny that meets their unique needs.

Is the service for both locals and visitors?

We created the service to support all parents. Visitors can be assured that their children are in safe and trusted hands while they enjoy time out. Consistency is most important for children, that is why we love taking care of children of local families. We have families that we have worked with for years now and the relationships we have formed are truly magnificent. Being part of the journey of seeing little ones growing into independent humans is such joy and a huge privilege for us.

How do people get in touch with you and find out more?

The best way to contact us is over our website. There you can find all information in one place and can fill out the booking request if you wish to. We are always happy to have a chat, too so feel free to give us a ring. For our international clients we are also contactable on whatsapp, Facebook and instagram.

Feli +64 27 389 8909

Daisy +64 27 275 6444