Live Streaming Cameras for Bar and Manu Bay Boat Ramp

Raglan is famous for recreational fishing from snapper to marlin and more. To get out to sea from Raglan there are only two viable options; launch at the Manu Bay Boat Ramp or navigate the Raglan Harbour Bar. 

The area is very popular and a great many people have to tow their boats quite a distance to participate. All too often they get to Raglan to find the bar is breaking and dangerous and/or the Manu Bay ramp is unusable due to swell and conditions.

With investment of time, money and effort already made, the pressure to “give it a go” often over-rides common sense. There’s been an unimpressive record of damage, injuries and rescues (and worse) over the years.

The committee of the Raglan Sport Fishing Club knew that live-streaming cameras would help boaties assess conditions before they leave home base.

The right (and safe) decision can be made far earlier… perhaps throw the golf clubs in the back of the SUV instead of hooking up the boat on bad days.

With the help of the Southern Trust and cooperation of the Raglan Surf Lifesaving Club, live streaming cameras have just been made available through the Raglan Sportfishing Club website.

There is a view of the Raglan Bar and another camera shows Manu Bay and that view does capture the boat ramp. Consideration is being given to upgrading this camera to give a more defined view of the ramp.

In the interests of safe boating for everyone, the Raglan Sport Fishing Club is making this camera facility freely available to everyone including Coastguard and the emergency services with the message, “Use it.  If you’re planning a trip or you’re already out at sea and returning from a trip, this is a live representation of the conditions.”

Raglan Sport Fishing Club