Raglan Junior Soccer 2020 season wrap up

Considering the disruptions caused by Covid-19, we managed to get through the season with the kids having a great time and with some amazing results throughout all divisions.

As usual none of it would have been possible without the dedication and work done by all the coaches and managers, as well as the commitment given by all parents involved. Thank you to all involved. It really creates a community and social feel about the club, which shows on any given Saturday at Papahua.

Special thanks to our First Kicks parents. Being very much a parent driven program, it can be a bit daunting at the start of the season but by the end of it every team was doing great with lots of parents involved and having fun.

Congratulations to every single player and team, you have done your club proud and the general feedback we receive from other clubs is that it’s always a pleasure to play a Raglan team, especially at Papahua.

Special acknowledgements goes out for the list below of our Most Valuable and Most Improved players this year.Have a great and safe summer and we look forward to the 2021 season.

Words: Luca Grilli

Images: Amy Hanna

Junior Soccer prize

7th grade Bullsharks MVP:    Remy Duirs        MIP: Ryder Laity

U8 girls Karioi Kahawai MVP: Caitlin Higgins   MIP: Eden Wilson

U8 girls Seahorses MVP: Pippa Allen   MIP: Lola Banks

8th grade Kina MVP:    Nelson Wright    MIP:  Angus McGirr

8th grade Sprats MVP:    Poulo Regnier MIP:  Jesse Fraser

8th grade Makos MVP:    Kace Pemberton MIP: Xavier Kite

9th grade Morays MVP:    Cruz Leuthart  MIP: Caetano Sealock

U10 girls Great Whites MVP: Pounamu Tepania MIP: Rhythm Wilson-Clapperton

U10 girls Whale Tales MVP: Mikki Meyer MIP: Lauren Hartstone

10th grade Hammerheads MVP: Selva Petzold De La Cruz MIP: Jesse Cooper

11th grade Snappers MVP: Van Camenzind MIP: Max Parkes

12 grade Tsunamis MVP: Aari Glover MIP: Kingston Smith

12th grade Thresher Sharks MVP: Lucian Kite MIP: Dusty Edgar

U13 girls Mermaids MVP: Olivia Gaustad MIP: Zaira O’Donnell

U13 girls Orcas MVP: Ava Wood MIP: Katie Parkes

U13 girls Seastars MVP: Isabella Wynyard MIP: Emma Gott

U13 MĀui Dolphins MVP: Heiana Ralaimihoatra MIP: Coco Solomon-Banks

Most successful team trophy is shared by the U10 girls Whale Tails and U13 girls Māui Dolphins, well done to both teams.