Little Things exhibition

The Chronicle sat down for a quick chat with Nadine from Wabi Sabi Studio to hear about the Little Things exhibition.

What is ‘the little things’ exhibition about?

We were brainstorming an idea to bring together a wider group of Raglan creative people and artists in a fresh way and provide a meaningful theme/ brief, to bring people together from the eclectic pool of Raglanites, we hope to inspire and provide a different platform for emerging and established talent to have a place every now and then to connect.

Initially we wanted to do an exhibition open to everyone, all inclusive but the work involved in doing that for our first one seemed daunting so we decided to start with a invitation exhibition to get the idea out there and see where it goes from there.

I guess the theme actually informed us without intending too …starting off small, small works, small steps to begin with. Marise suggested the idea based on a similar event in Sydney around the little things which we both loved.

What is the motivation behind your theme/ brief ‘the little things’?

Appreciating the little things that help make life easier or more enjoyable, keep you grounded in times of chaos. Seems even more relevant in these times that we can notice what’s here around us and what those things, people, habits, gifts are. We used a few quotes about noticing the beauty in the mundane, normal everyday life that helps keep us on track and feel better about ourselves.

Life can be tricky and it is hard at times. Mental health and well being are a big part for all of us to be more aware of how we can simplify and notice those little things. Tune out of the busyness, stress …pare it back down to those little things. If this becomes an annual event we hope each year artists can use it as a stimulus to tune in and also the community to be inspired by the little things ..that are actually the big things.

The kaupapa of the event is to bring inspiration to those little things we can hold onto …sharing what that is for each of us and in turn helping others see and notice ‘the little things’ in their life that are touchstones for them.

The artworks need to also be small pieces which reflects the theme and this will make the art more accessible and at a value most of us can afford.

It’s not about some big art piece or event …just this humble small thing that is of value. There will be a peoples choice award voted on the opening night and first weekend and future plans could be that there is 1st, 2nd, 3rd awards too.

We have invited around 30 local artists trying to involve a diverse range so that it is fresh and eclectic, and humble …it will be exciting to see how it unfolds when works are delivered!

What do you hope to achieve?

Bringing a diverse group of creative, like minded people together in an inspiring, light but meaningful way … sharing personal interpretations on one idea, diversity yet community, accessible art, hope, sparking a small joy. To inspire our youth too… as there’s a huge creative force here in Raglan within the youth so being a small platform to bring them together and show their works too.

We are hoping to create an eclectic exhibition of sharing personal creativity and glimmers of hope found in the little things through each of our unique eyes. Works will range in price for first time art buyers, youth to purchase and they make great Christmas gift ideas too. Maybe it will become an annual event, open to all next year who knows.

When and Where: Exhibition opening is Thursday November 5th 6.30pm at Wabi Sabi Studio (behind Atamira). Then showing the weekends 10am – 2pm until Sunday November 15th. 

Come see ‘the little things’ and be inspired, and support local art!