Karioi – A film with Patagonia and Dave Rastovich

Patagonia and Dave Rastovich have teamed up with the Karioi Project in Raglan to create something pretty special. The film “Karioi” will showcase how a community can protect biodiversity at any level and raise awareness for a great cause! We’re excited to be sharing your story with the rest of the world!

The film launches on February 26th at Raglan Surf Co. Thanks to everyone who is a part of this special night especially Patagonia and Raglan Surf Co. Tickets are now SOLD OUT for this event. But there will be many more chances to see the film!

“Karioi” has been accepted to the Aotearoa Surf Film Fest showing in Raglan on Wednesday, March 17th at Solscape, as well as 13 other locations around New Zealand. Check out the ASFF website for dates and locations.

We will also screen “Karioi” at the Old School Arts Centre on March 5th at 5pm and 7pm. The Karioi film will be accompanied by another great film from Patagonia, and will be followed by a Q+A and a chance to get a drink and chat. We’ll also be part of the Raglan Film Fest at Old School in September.

Stay tuned! From here, the film will tour film festivals throughout New Zealand, Australia and go to the world through an online release event.

Karioi : the film

The Karioi Project is a community group based in the New Zealand surf town of Raglan, working to re-establish nearby Karioi as a seabird mountain. A third of the world’s seabirds call New Zealand home, but their nesting habitats are under threat from introduced predators. The Karioi Project is working to save the seabirds, in the process creating a strong community group with a deep understanding of local ecology.

Karioi tells the story of the group as they work to save the ōi, restore the maunga of Karioi, and in the process create a strong, vibrant community group connected to the land and sea around them. The film is presented by Patagonia, who have supported the Karioi Project as part of our Environmental Grantee program and is narrated by surfer Dave Rastovich.

Friday February 26th at Raglan Surf Co (SOLD OUT)

Friday March 5th at Old School Arts Centre at 5pm and 7pm

Wednesday March 17th at the Aotearoa Surf Film Fest (ASFF) – Solscape

Through March and April at several locations across NZ -asff.co.nz

September 2021 as part of the Raglan Film Fest

And an online release to the whole world.. Date TBD