Official America’s Cup Fanzone at Isobar

We have an Americas Cup official Fanzone right here in Raglan. The Chronicle caught up with Matt Taggart, owner of Isobar and Ozone to learn about how this came about and what’s on offer.

Matt you have put Raglan on the map with managing to secure a Official Americas Cup ETNZ Fan Zone for Isobar. Tell me how this came about?

I contacted the Americas Cup Org which as winners of the last Cup in Bermuda ETNZ manage the event. Grant Dalton and his team had the idea for signing up Fanzones.

There are 15 around the country.

How did your connections to yachting develop?

I used to race yachts professionally back in the day and worked in the super-yachts industry as a captain.

I have always loved the drama of the Americas Cup plus have a few mates on ETNZ and the Prada team that have come down who learnt to foil with our Ozone NZ Hydrofoil school.

Tell us about what the Fan Zone involves? What’s on offer at Isobar and when?

We will be screening the racing live at Isobar and will be offering free nibbles but the main point that ETNZ were looking for is passionate support for ETNZ.

Any predictions from you ?

ETNZ will surely take the win, their latest foils look incredible but who knows. No doubt the country will be on the edge of our seats. We look forward to cheering them on at Isobar