A message from the Raglan Police: May 27

In the last two weeks Police have received reports of six family harm matters, eight vehicle crashes and four dishonesty offences. Police have processed two people for drink driving and impounded two vehicles for boy racer activity and are seeking a third. 

Crime Prevention Tip – As a reminder when trading on Facebook, please be cautious. The Facebook marketplace is not policed by Facebook and there are no security measures to prevent fraud and or the sale and purchase of stolen property. Too often Police field complaints of fraud when items and or money aren’t delivered.

Safe driving tip – If you are driving on SH 23 or an area with a high posted speed limit, or if the road is narrow – it may be best to wait on the left-hand side of the road to make the turn, rather than stopping in the middle of the road. You place yourself at risk of being hit from behind and shunted into on-coming traffic.

Be safe, enjoy the autumn and remember to look out for one another!

Snr Const. Andrew Murphy and the Raglan Team