Artist collective finds Inner Space

Local artists join forces to showcase an exhibition at Chris Meek’s studio on Cross Street starting Friday, May 28 at 5.30pm. 

The five emerging artists Annika Clover, Seb Hart, Ziggy Knuiman, Korrin Bevan and Ciaran Lannon will present a selection of their works in a group exhibition called Inner Space.

There is a surreal quality to their works; as a collective the young artists all share a sense of the absurd in their paintings and illustrations, which feature tortured, macabre, sombre and strange looking depictions of humanity.

From vibrant use of colour to just black ink, the range of work on show provides a feast for the eye and the intricate ways in which they respond to their subject matter makes you want to take a second look.

Like many struggling artists, the five all find ways to make a crust outside of their art; Annika runs vegetarian/vegan café Clover, Korrin works at Aloha Sushi and Ciaran, who is Wellington based, Tokoroa-born, is a student.

“It’s awesome to have an exhibition alongside some of my favourite artists who are also some of my very good friends,” Korrin says.

They describe their creative process as a sense of purging the ideas swirling around in their heads into a drawing or painting.

“I’m inspired by life and everything around me but what inspires me more is the line that I’ve just drawn; each line inspires the next,” Seb says.

Like many visual artists they struggle to express themselves in words but say their artwork speaks volumes.

“I find it so much easier to express my feelings through my art and I hope people get a sense of that when they look at my paintings,” Annika says. 

The group are thrilled to have the support of renowned sculptor Chris Meek and the use of his studio.

“We are grateful that Chris is so open to supporting young artists; he is very generous with his time and letting us exhibit at his studio. It’s also great to have local brewer Workshop Brewery for supporting us on opening night with their fine brews,” Annika says.

Their exhibition will have its official opening at Chris Meek’s studio, 21 Cross Street. Opening night is Friday May, 28 starting at 5.30pm and will then open daily Saturday, May 29 – Monday, June 7.

Janine Jackson