Exciting opportunity at Xtreme Zero Waste

Xtreme Zero Waste are looking for a person who would like to join the “Xtreme team” in a mixed role as an administrator for our trust and company boards and as a board intern.

Governance for a social enterprise supports the organisation to deliver its goals and vision, and gives those who offer their time and skills an opportunity to contribute to the future of our community. Xtreme Zero Waste recognises that we need to be always growing and diversifying the pool of people with the right skills to support not only XZW but the many other board roles in Whaingaroa.

A board administrator for Xtreme Zero Waste will need to attend all board meetings, be experienced or prepared to learn to prepare agendas with the board Chairs, take accurate meeting minutes, prepare letters and communications on behalf of the boards and manage scheduling and organisation of meetings and events as required. 

The board internship offer supports leadership development, and there will be the opportunity to undergo both informal and formal board training. The successful applicant will also need to be able to carry out the tasks and activities of the administrator.

This role could suit a young person with aspirations to learn and understand the role and responsibilities of board governance or who plans a career in social or community enterprise. Expenses associated with mutually agreed formal training or travel will be funded by Xtreme Zero Waste; the administrator hours will be paid, but it is expected that the intern hours would be voluntary. The administrator/intern will be able to participate in meeting discussions but will not have the right to vote, nor form part of the quorum for a meeting.

 See advertisement below:

Board Administrator and Intern position

Are you interested in helping to support one of Aotearoa’s most dynamic community organisations?

The Trust Board of Xtreme Zero Waste Charitable Trust and the Board of Directors of Xtreme Zero Waste Ltd are seeking a person who can support our board activities and meetings in a paid administrator role. The trust and company boards would also like to offer any suitable candidate the additional opportunity to be mentored in the skills of governance as a board intern. We are looking for someone with fresh ideas and a willingness to learn. 

It is expected that the time commitment of approximately 8 – 10 hours per month will involve 4 quarterly meetings plus at least one day-long workshop/event for the trust board and 12 monthly meetings, any additional special meetings, and up to two, day-long workshops/events for the company board. Meetings occur generally in the evening after 7pm and workshops/events are scheduled as required. 

This internship offer demonstrates Xtreme Zero Waste Charitable Trust’s commitment to supporting leadership development, particularly in the young people of our community. This role will allow you to gain valuable insights and practical experience in the functions of a community board; and support you on your own leadership journey. 

The successful applicant will:

Have excellent written and documentation management skills

Be an attentive listener and be able to condense a discussion into a concise record

Have excellent organisational skills

Be able to bring a fresh and dynamic perspective to the Board table.

Be keen to learn about not-for-profit governance 

Be expected to fully abide by the Trust Board’s Deed, Governance Manual and code of conduct including declarations of interest and confidentiality agreements.

Please submit CV and cover letter by June 27th to:

Xtreme Zero Waste Board of Directors Chair Fiona McNabb 

fiona@xtremezerowaste.org.nz, any enquiries call Fiona on 027 688 9754