Raglan Botanicals Aromatherapy

The Local Rag spoke to Fabi Henderson from Raglan Botanicals about her new aromatherapy business.

Can you describe your new Aromatherapy products?

Raglan Botanicals offers a range of Aromatherapy products including Organic Essential Oils & Blends, Diffusers and Therapeutic Products. We also have a range of Skincare Products, Body Oils, Facial Oils, Serum, Lip Balms, Body Butter and more. Also I provide an Aromatherapy Consultation for more personalised treatment.

When did you launch the business?

Our official launch was about a month ago now. It was a great weekend with lots of positive feedback.

What’s been involved to get to this point?

It’s been an intense couple of years including becoming a qualified aromatherapist and a whole lot of experimentation, tinkering and fine tuning,

How did you get interested in Aromatherapy and what skills and knowledge did you need to acquire?

For many years I have been using essential oils as a treatment for my family. I have really come to believe in

You can check out Raglan Botanical’s range online at www.raglanbotanicals.co.nz.

the therapeutic qualities of essential oils and it was a natural progression to want to learn more and get qualified.

Is it something you can easily fit in around existing work and motherhood etc..

It has been a real challenge to find the time in an already hectic routine.

What do you hope to achieve in the next few years?

I hope I can learn more and more so I can expand my skills in Aromatherapy and continue to help others in individual treatments.

How do people get in touch ?

For online shop go to my website: www.raglanbotanicals. co.nz (Free pick ups for Raglan locals).

And at my studio by appointment: 0210430338


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