Introducing Raglan Candles

The Local Rag caught up with Vanessa and Josh from Raglan Candles to learn more about their enterprise. 

How did the idea of Raglan Candles develop?

The idea first came to us while we were having dinner one night. We had a candle we bought from one of the big retail outlets burning on our table. Out of curiosity, we took a read of the ingredients and we were very amazed to read that the wax was made from Paraffin wax which is a petroleum by-product. We love being eco-friendly so we really wanted to bring New Zealand and the World healthy, natural, and deliciously scented candles!

What sets your candles apart from others?

We are proud to bring the ‘Raglan’ name to all parts of the world while giving more for our planet. All our candles are made from certified pure soy wax from sustainable sources. Our candles and centrepieces have a coastal touch. We have an exclusive Raglan Edition, four candles inspired from four beautiful places in Raglan which are crafted to take you to these places with their delicious scents! All of our candles are made with love from us to you.

Describe a typical day on the job

From candle making, to accounts, to improving the website, social media and contacting new clients, nothing makes us happier than working on something that we love and doing our part for the environment!

Where are you selling the candles? 

We have 35+ stockists around New Zealand from the top of the North Island, all the way to Otago in the south. Our candles are stocked at cafes, homeware shops, florists, online gift shops and more! We have three local stockists here in Raglan selling a variety of our ranges which are SWOP, Raglan Surf Emporium, and the Raglan Museum. Please don’t hesitate to visit these awesome shops! 

What has the response been like?

We are overwhelmed with the positive feedback and great response from not only our lovely community here in Raglan, but from all our clients over the world. We had a big demand from our Aussie friends for our candles so we were excited to announce last month that we have updated our shipping locations. We also have a few international clients from Asia and the Americas who are very interested in stocking our products in their boutique shops which is very exciting!

How do people get in touch?

You can find your local stockist or contact us on our website at or our email at

Please do not hesitate to contact us for any custom orders too!