Magnolia Tree Bush Olympics 2021

With the Olympics in full action, the children were beginning to talk about the sports events they hear and see on TV, especially with our local Olympian Billy Stairmand participating in surfing.  

This was a great way to learn about our different cultures around the world and various sporting events the children may or may not be familiar with.  We decided to get creative with how we ourselves can participate in these sports within our natural environment, allowing children to share these experiences with their friends and physically challenge themselves.  

I loved watching how the children support, help and cheer each other on.  This week we wrap our Bush Olympics up with a final medal ceremony where everyone was a winner and acknowledged their efforts.  We made our own nature medals, tried surfing/skateboarding down a muddy hill, rock climbing (bush whacking), javelin throwing, pinecone throw, long jump, high jump, gymnastics (in so many different ways), and running races.  How proud they all were of what they had achieved.  

Magnolia Tree Childcare provides a bush park event for all of our older children on Tuesdays and Fridays from 9.00-2.00. This provides us with amazing opportunities for learning and to appreciate where we live. 

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