A Message From the Raglan Police

Over the last three weeks – there have been six reported incidents of family harm, eight burglaries, seven thefts from cars or persons, three on-line fraud, and many warnings issued for breaches of Level 4 and 2 restrictions. 

On-line fraud is increasing and people are being duped out of thousands of dollars.  Please be very careful when making on-line purchases from individuals on FB.  These people are very convincing, saying they will send the product once payment has been made into their bank accounts, but then ceasing contact immediately the money has transferred.  

With the warmer weather approaching and fine weekends to look forward to, keep in mind that there will be an increase in traffic on SH23. Incorrect use of restraints (seat belts and child restraints), impairment (drugs and alcohol), distractions (cell phone use) and speed are common causes of fatal and serious crashes.  If we eliminate these factors, our roads will be so much safer for all of us.

Boy racer activity out at Manu Bay and Te Mata is causing a lot of concern for Police and for residents who are subjected to the danger and annoyance of this behaviour.  The last thing anyone wants is for someone to get hurt – either a young driver, an innocent member of the public, or a resident who decides to take matters into their own hands.  This should be an immediate 111 call to Police with as much information as possible given regarding offending vehicles.  Cell phone video recordings are very helpful as well.

Thank you all for welcoming the newest member of our team – Constable Alice Cleveland.  She is loving her new position with us.

Finally, be safe, be kind and remember to look out for one another.