Four Square appreciate support through changing levels

We have all grown familiar with the superstars working in our local supermarkets. They are the friendly faces which are to be thanked for many of our only outings during levels three and four. We talked to the fantastic staff at Four Square to see how they have been affected by the changes of lockdown.

Among the most significant changes, the team has had to make since lockdown is having to wear a mask and working longer hours and stocking and restocking shelves all day. Last year’s lockdown meant the team knew what to expect this time around; however, it does not make the mahi any easier. The supermarket has also been busier than ever- with one staff member comparing it to being “like New year’s Eve every day!”

The Four Square team has said most of the community has been super open, helpful, and supportive of the supermarket’s precautions they had to put in place. One team member said that “Customers understand that we can’t interact as much, but still get the odd few who make an effort to have a conversation and thank us for working – this makes our days.” 

The team understandably have been working incredibly hard during these times- from the changes they have had to make to continue to provide for and keep the community safe to the extra hours they have been pulling due to being much busier than usual. To help the team out through the future, they have come together with a few suggestions;

Meal plan so you’re not in the shop every day or multiple times in a day

Keep in mind that the team have been there at work all day, while you have only been there for a short while

Do try to keep your 2m distance from other customers and our staff 

Patience is greatly appreciated- especially when dealing with our team or asking about products coming back into stock 

The team want to thank the community for being so understanding and thanks those who make an effort to show their appreciation- especially some loyal customers who have brought in home baking for the staff!