Preview Exhibition for RAW opens next week

The Raglan Arts Weekend (RAW) kicks off next week with the opening of the Preview Exhibition on 1st October 2021 at the Old School Arts Centre, revealing 84 artworks from participating RAW artists.

As is customary, there will be a showcase piece, as well as a small 300×300 per artist for sale, and interested folk need to be on the ball to secure popular artworks.

This year, the showcase artworks have been developed to the theme:

‘And Then We Paused/ Reflections of a Covid World’

 “The theme was decided upon pre-Delta, when NZ was largely Covid free after the first lockdown,” says Nicky Brzeska, RAW Co-ordinator. “It’s even more appropriate now with the current state of affairs, and we know it will resonate with a lot of people who are keen to get an artwork that illustrates this complex snapshot in time,” she says.

 The Preview Exhibition is an essential pillar to fundraising for RAW. All sales of the 300×300’s, as well as any commission on the showcase artworks, go towards running RAW the following year. “We couldn’t have RAW if we didn’t have our community’s support in the snapping up of the very popular artworks!” Nicky says.

 RAW is moving from strength to strength with the advertising and grants that are backing the popular arts festival. This year, the team has developed a new ‘Raglan Arts Guide’ booklet, launched a new web site and purchased professional branded artist signage. 

 “We can’t thank our supporters enough for their vote of confidence in us, and we hope we can continue to push the event to new levels,” says Nicky.

 Don’t miss out on RAW this year with 42 artists including 13 ‘newbies’.  Visit the Preview Exhibition to pick up an Arts Guide booklet with the trail maps, plan your route and support our local artists.

 The Preview Exhibition will be open every day from 1st October (including weekends) from 10am until 2pm until 25 October 2021.

RAW will be held over Labour Weekend 23-25 October 2021 where the studios will be open 10am until 5pm.All details can be found at the new web site