Waiata Anthems celebrating te reo Māori

Celebrating Mahuru Māori, Muroki has released his hit song Wavy in te reo Māori as part of the industry wide Waiata Anthems initiative available on streaming platrforms.

This September, Waiata Anthems Week will come to life with the release of a number of new recordings in te reo Māori and digital marketing campaign to celebrate the growing movement.

An industry-wide initiative, Waiata Anthems Week will be a celebration of the best new waiata and a chance to honour the champions and pioneers of te reo Māori who paved the way for future generations, supporting the emergence of a truly bilingual musical landscape. 

On Friday 3rd September, more than a dozen new recordings of songs from some of the most celebrated musicians of Aotearoa – both established and emerging – will be released. 

And from Monday 6th September through to Sunday 12th, our nation’s airwaves and digital music platforms will resonate with the vibrant sound of new waiata and bilingual music. 

Listen here or on streaming platforms.