Aeronavics is moving

Aeronavics, New Zealand’s premiere drone company, is moving away from its Raglan/Te Uku Base. In October they are relocating to their new campus in Timaru in the South Island. They will continue developing some amazing technology that now focuses on New Zealand’s agriculture industry and supports new technologies and strategies for environmental management. 

For this, they need more space, and in Timaru the Company’s Chairman has the perfect location where they can expand and be close to some alliances with whom they are collaborating. 

The company’s founders Rob and Linda will not move with the company. They will be stepping back from their executive roles, and although they will remain on the board as company Directors, they will also create space for new adventures in their lives with a focus on creating more positive change in the world.

Rob is planning to set out on a global motorbike tour, on the Africa Twin that some of you may have seen in and about Raglan, and he intends to document his journey whilst seeking out inspiring planet-saving projects happening around the world and sharing them on YouTube.  

Linda doesn’t quite know yet, though some ideas are emerging around support programmes in health and wellbeing that focus on assisting us in the process of change and transformation. Our World is undergoing massive adjustments on many fronts and we all need the tools to deal with those so we can manifest the positive outcomes we all wish to see for our planet and its habitants. 

But first, she’ll visit family overseas and take it from there. Rob and Linda are fully aligned in their intentions and priorities so some sort of further collaboration is likely.

They are both so grateful for what Raglan has brought them. The initial warm welcome by Peter Williams from Raglan Engineering where they first landed, and then Linda and Clive Bowman, who kept adapting their property in Te Uku to assist Aeronavics’ growth and expansion. And of course, the many locals who have been employed by Aeronavics over the nearly ten years in Raglan.  

Rob and Linda would like to extend their thanks to all of you who have been supportive of their journey. We look forward to seeing you all around.