Get vaccinated to protect your whānau!

This information has been put together by local health professional Dr. Robin Youngson, supported by Dr Mike Loten from Raglan Medical. Dr Robin Youngson brings a broad perspective to these issues as a doctor (retired anaesthetist), a trauma therapist here in Raglan (Havening Clinic), and a former healthcare leader that helped create the national frameworks for healthcare quality and safety in NZ.


  • COVID will likely spread to every corner of our nation in the next few months
  • Delta spreads fast: Victoria went from 57 cases/day to 1427 cases/day in just six weeks – despite lockdown (Victoria population 6.6million,COVID daily cases from Aug 18th to Sept 29th)
  • Immunity from vaccination is slow: if you have a first dose tomorrow, it will take five weeks to get full immunity (two weeks after second dose)
  • Young adults get sick: 42% of people admitted to NZ hospitals with COVID are age 20-49 (126/297 cases) *
  • Kids rarely get sick, only 2% of hospital admissions are age 0-9 (6/297) and those are mostly kids with pre-existing disease
  • COVID is a nasty illness: one third of adults who get COVID will still have symptoms six months later
  • The Pfizer vaccine will reduce your chance of getting seriously ill or being admitted to hospital by 90% for at least six months after vaccination; long COVID is less severe
  • Our healthcare system will be rapidly overwhelmed if vaccination rates are not 90% or above (Victoria currently has 609 patients in hospital, 126 in ICU)
  • Delta will spread rapidly and the disease will be more severe in communities where there is poverty, crowded housing, poor access to healthcare, and low vaccination rates – we need to act swiftly to prevent this tragedy.
  • We will be in lockdown until the vaccination rates are much higher than present

What happens when the healthcare system is overwhelmed? 

  • Hospitals will be overflowing, in crisis, and many other conditions will be untreated
  • ICU beds will be unavailable for patient who get severely ill or injured
  • Thousands of health professionals will be sick or in isolation leading to severe staffing shortages
  • Almost all routine care including cancer care and elective surgery will stop
  • Your local medical centre may be closed
  • You may have to wait hours for an ambulance
  • Many people will die of conditions other than COVID because they can’t get treatment
  • NZ only has 284 fully staffed ICU beds and these are 80-90% full already

Why can we be confident the Pfizer vaccine is safe?

  • NZ has a world-leading system for collecting and openly reporting all adverse events in healthcare – led by fully independent clinicians
  • More than 5 million doses of the vaccine have been administered in NZ
  • ‘Adverse events’ are reported and carefully analysed on a weekly basis – 
  • no new safety concerns have been reported
  • ‘Adverse events’ include all those who get sick or die in the days after a vaccine, almost all unrelated to the vaccine. 
  • On average 109 people die, and 3,300 are admitted to hospital each day in NZ for illness or injury; by chance, many will have just received a vaccine dose and are reported as ‘adverse events’
  • The medicine in the vaccine is eliminated from the body within hours (half is gone within 8-10 hours) – only the immune response remains
  • There is no virus in the vaccine
  • The vaccine cannot change our DNA

* Official Ministry of Health statistics, updated regularly

* Victoria Health Official data

* Medsafe COVID vaccine safety report