Herbal dispensary: A Spring Cleanse

Many people do a ‘spring clean’ of their home yearly, yet forget to consider their body, our permanent home for our entire lifetime! Some symptoms indicating that your system will benefit from a spring cleanse include low energy, persistent skin conditions, sluggish digestion, frequent colds/infections, bad breath or body odour, brain fog, muscle aches, and hormonal imbalances. 

The goals of a good spring cleanse should include eliminating and decreasing foods and drinks that place a burden on the liver (processed food, sugar, alcohol, etc), remove or limit potential allergens (this is where a good deep spring clean of your house comes in handy, removing mould/dust), and supporting organs of detoxification whilst improving digestion and bowel transit time (see below).

We have our organs of elimination for good reason; our kidneys, liver, lymphatic system and skin are built to carry out the processes of detoxification, so supporting these organs and systems is the best way to detox, daily! However, a period of really focusing on the below strategies to support these organs and processes can be a great way to optimise the body’s detoxification capabilities. 

Up your cruciferous veggies. They are a nutritional powerhouse for the body, providing essential nutrients for liver detoxification.

Eat the rainbow. Aim for a mainly wholefoods diet rich in fresh fruits and veggies, abundant in vitamins, minerals and fibre. Fibre helps foods move through your digestive tract, and has beneficial effects on your immune system, cardiovascular health, and more. 

Drink at least 2 litres of water daily. To further support your body whilst hydrating, sip on herbal teas or infusions throughout the day such as nettle, peppermint, & dandelion. 

Get a sweat on! Sweating is an essential process that helps the body to release toxins. Regular exercise helps move your lymphatic system, strengthens muscles and cardiovascular health, and promotes feel good neurotransmitters. 

Include raw foods. They are incredibly rich in enzymes, antioxidants and insoluble fibre which helps ‘sweep’ and clean out the digestive tract. Aim to include a large salad every day with lunch or dinner.

Avoid or reduce caffeine, alcohol and smoking. These promote inflammation and oxidative damage in the body, which we really want to avoid to enhance health and longevity.

Hydrotherapy. Turning the water cold for a few moments at the end of your shower, as well as practices such as dry-brushing and gua-sha, stimulate the lymphatic system helping to remove cellular waste.  

We have an abundance of organic seasonal produce, teas and tinctures, fresh juices, and everything else you may need to maximise a spring cleanse, in-store at The Herbal Dispensary. We also have 3 qualified Naturopaths in-store daily who are more than happy to support you in tailoring the best treatment for your health.

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