Marama Skincare

We spoke to Juul from Whaingaroa based skincare  company, Marama Skincare, to get a sneak peek behind their business:

What drew you to starting a skincare brand?

Three years ago, I moved from Amsterdam to Raglan. With leaving the city behind came a shift in lifestyle; more outdoorsy and more in tune with nature. I found that with being surrounded by nature more often, my interest in, and use of, natural products started to grow. I started studying medicinal plant properties and all of a sudden I was able to find these plants right there, in my own backyard. I really wanted to put everything I’d learned together and create a skincare line where products flow into one another, having native ingredients playing a leading role. 

When did you launch Marama Skincare? 

During NZ’s first lockdown, I found all my values and ideas for the brand just flowing together into what Marama is today. We launched officially by the end of October last year. 

Tell us about the production side of the business here in Raglan.

All products are created out of high quality, 100% plant based ingredients – keeping in mind the traditional use of these ingredients and translating them into smart, sculptural designs. I produce everything by hand in small batches in our in-house studio.  

What makes your products unique and appealing? 

We envision clean, natural products coming to life into an interesting and recognisable design. I love how the products also represent some of me; the thoughtful design that stands for where I come from: the city, working in a more corporate, fast world. And the holistic, natural aspect that refers to my current life in New Zealand, where I live a slower lifestyle, in tune with nature, and where Māori culture has become part of my household and family. 

How about the addition of the soap sticks for accommodation outlets? How did this come about?

To minimize our waste, we reuse all leftover soap bits from the soap making process and turn them into small soaps for Airbnbs and holiday accommodations. This way we can offer a super fun, locally made product with aesthetic design to the Airbnb branch.

What are your future plans for Marama?

Coming close to our 1-year anniversary, we’re currently working on expanding the range with a few new products. I am hoping to keep growing and expanding our business in Aotearoa and slowly exploring the international market.

Also available at Atamira, Raglan.