A message from the Raglan Chamber

We could have been mistaken that last weekend was Labour Weekend! The sun was out and so too were the people! The influx of visitors was a welcome addition as we headed into our 6th week trying to operate under Level 3 restrictions. 

The opening of retail stores is encouraging, although sadly the hospitality industry has been left behind, still unsure whether doors will be able to properly open soon.

While more information on the Vaccination Certificate system is expected before months end, the likes of hospitality and close-contact businesses are under huge pressure. In theory the mandate for vaccination will allow businesses to remain open through all levels of the traffic light system, but will need to work with staff around vaccination and work within a whole new set of enforced systems and processes. Businesses are going to need customers’ patience, support and buy-in to make it work! 

Over the past few weeks, the Raglan Chamber have been working furiously to provide the much-needed support and information to the Raglan business community. We have held live zoom presentations with an array of specialists including an employment lawyer, commercial banker and an HR and people specialist. In the interest of sharing the knowledge and helping everyone get through, here are some of the take home points: 

Vaccination certificates will be required for ‘close-contact’ businesses which have not yet been defined so WATCH THIS SPACE as it could affect you.

Staff in the health and education sectors need their first vaccination by the November 15 deadline.

Businesses not covered by the mandated vaccination program can still require staff to be vaccinated. WorkSafe.govt.nz provide the process and considerations a business must undergo in determining whether they can require staff to be vaccinated https://www.worksafe.govt.nz/managing-health-and-safety/novel-coronavirus-covid/how-to-decide-what-work-requires-a-vaccinated-employee/

Ensure you continue to consult with your staff regarding any changes happening in the business. If you haven’t already, ensure you have open lines of communication (preferably via zoom if it cannot be done in person).

The economy is changing very quickly with inflation on the rise and the cost of living starting to skyrocket. 

The media is consumed with COVID-19 which is overshadowing other very important news. PAY ATTENTION to other news.

Maintaining good staff is becoming more challenging with staff demanding higher pay in line with the increased cost of living.

If you have a fixed loan that is due to expire in the next 6 months, enquire with your bank NOW to break it and refix for a longer term (at least 2 years).

If you need assistance such as restructuring loans, working capital facilities etc… from your bank, make sure you have done your homework first. Be prepared to show you have come up with solutions and talked to your other business professionals beforehand. 

All our presentations were recorded and are available if you register via www.raglanchamber.co.nz.

Our next presentation is Up Your E-Commerce Game live on Instagram with e-commerce enthusiast Soph Dowse. Soph will discuss creative ideas and ways retail and hospitality can bring in online sales while doors are shut. Follow us on Facebook and Instagram or visit our website for details!

Ngā Mihi

Morgan Morris – Chairperson