Sophro Solace with Lani Puriri

Grief over loss is not always associated with loss of a loved one. There’s job loss, furbaby loss, even loss of sentimental objects can cause grief. Grief over my loss continues to show up in my mind and in my body.

Traditional Chinese Medicine explains that the lungs are connected to the emotion of grief. The lungs are part of the respiratory system which brings energy from the air. The lungs distribute this energy throughout the body working with kidneys to regulate water metabolism, the immune system to build resistance to viruses and bacteria, and the sweat glands to provide moisture to the skin.

I resonate with this explanation because at the beginning of 2019, I lost my sister to an eight year cancer battle. In the winter of 2019 I became unwell and struggled for 10 weeks with unexplainable respiratory illness. My chest hurt, my lungs ached, I gasped for air, honestly, it was difficult to breathe and speak at the same time. I was continually fatigued and without energy. Mostly I slept and whispered throughout the duration of the illness. 

We can never be truly prepared for the overwhelming effects of grief. But we can keep the respiratory system and the lungs strong and healthy so that when grief comes we’re able to tune into the body and identify when the emotion becomes too much. 

Are you interested in knowing your body? You can learn to love and build a relationship with it. Send joy and gratitude to the cells, the organs, the muscles, the skin………and breathe deep for healthy lungs.

I’m Lani Puriri, a Sophrologist studying the mind, body, spirit, and breath to identify human experience and behaviour. Using dynamic techniques and cognitive behavioural strategies you’ll gain the ability to heal. 

Get in touch and let’s find your joy.
Lani Puriri