A spicy tip to save the planet from the Growers Market

To quote Mini Grey from Space Dog, “Holy Condiments!”

Have you ever opened your fridge, or cupboards to find an ocean of condiments? Mayo, herbs, spices, dips, don’t even get me started on the hot sauce range I am prey to. So, who fancies tackling this ethical beast with me?

Having a few sneaky plants by the backdoor is one way of reducing this purchasing train. Swing past the Herbaceous stall at the Raglan Growers Market where Debra will let you into a few spicy secrets…

…Horseradish leaf. The gloriously spicy horseradish root will put hairs on your face, but the delicate young leaves add a flavour-cloud that has guests going for that next bite. Pick young, snip into small ribbons using scissors.

By Katie Lowes

Raglan Green Goddess Salad

For the Salad:

Two young horseradish leaves

One salad heart

Handful of small young silverbeet leaves

Two handfuls of spinach leaves

Handful of finely shredded cabbage OR finely shredded brassica leaves

Cubed cucumber or apple cucumber

Chunky avocado pieces

IF you happen to have some pre-roasted and chilled zucchini in the fridge, put that in too.

For the Dressing:

Juice of one lemon

Garden herbs – mint, coriander, thyme work nicely here

A few heaped tablespoons of Raglan coconut yoghurt

Drizzle of oil

Shake up this dressing in a jar and dress the entire salad before serving. Eat immediately with a crusty loaf and some pickled onions. This salad should feel luxurious, creamy, rich and tasty – don’t scrimp, after all, it’s made for goddesses.