I like mine shaken and stirred

It’s been scorching over the last few weeks and many of us have hit the Gin. There was a small debate about the inappropriateness of using an ice block in a grown-up, boozy, holiday recipe. Nevertheless, the debate was indeed small, the sun shone, and the Gin was poured.

Head to the Growers Market and make a beeline for Maree’s Dizzy Blocks stall. Exceptional flavours, hand-crafted in Raglan with entirely compostable zero-waste packaging. They are hands-down the best ice blocks, worthy of a place on a menu at a Michelin star restaurant. The Dizzy Blocks are made using surplus locally produced ingredients and is a small, part-time, family business. 

This week I took some Orange & Kawakawa as well as Rhubarb & Lemon out to camp, and here is our radically local favourite recipe:

Sub-Tropical Vespa with Dizzy Block stirrer

Shake one tablespoon raw honey

With one quarter-piece lemon juice 

With 50ml NZ Gin

On crushed ice 

Shake it hard! Harder! Make the honey disperse

Take one Rhubarb & Lemon Dizzy Block, place in a low-ball tumbler, pour on top the shaken cocktail and enjoy, stir, slurp, listen to the birds, happy days