Places for People Parklets – Time for your Feedback

Kia ora everyone. It’s now eight months since we installed the two parklets in town and it’s been great to see them being used regularly by young and older alike. 

As we indicated during the design and installation phases we would be looking to do a survey toward the end of Summer to get your feedback on how you have found the parklets.  Based on your feedback a decision will be made as to whether they stay and become permanent.

The parklets are part of a project funded by the government during the first round of Covid with the aim to create safer, healthier and more people-friendly towns and cities.  This project has offered the opportunity for us to test this new approach to co-design with the community, to trial the parklets and get local insight and feedback in real time.

The survey below is simple and quick for you to provide feedback and also to suggest any improvements you would like us to consider.

It can be completed by clicking this link or you can pick up hard copies of the form from the Raglan Library, Orca or Trade Aid.  

Feedback closes 11th March. 

We appreciate you taking time to complete time to provide us with your feedback.