A Message From the Raglan Police

Over the last two weeks there have been fourteen family harm incidents, eleven dishonesty offences, and four vehicle crashes. 

Please remember when driving on SH23 to be patient; traffic can get congested and slow at times. Additionally, remember to be considerate and pull over if traffic is following and you’re unable or not confident driving at a reasonable speed. If we be both patient and considerate, we might not have to read another “to the driver on SH23” post. 

Most thefts occur to premises and vehicles that are left insecure. Please, lock your doors and vehicles – it is a great deterrent.

‘Ram raids’ continue to be an on-going trend in the Waikato and beyond and Raglan has not been an exception. Police continue to work hard to prevent this type of offending and yesterday we were able to apprehend 8 youths and recover 5 stolen vehicles in Cambridge after help from the community. This leads me on to my last point:

I’d like to remind people that if it is an emergency, or suspicious, or is time critical and happening now, please ring 111. No matter the time of day or night. Otherwise, if you would like to make a report of lost property or report an incident which has already occurred, please dial 105 to report. Alternatively, you can go online at 105.police.govt.nz and make a report there by completing an online form. 

Have a great week and remember to look out for one another!