If you think your dog has covid, it probably has kennel cough

Over the last few months the clinic has noticed an increase of dogs coming in with a suspicious cough, resulting in the highly contagious respiratory disease, kennel cough (also known as canine infectious tracheobronchitis).

Kennel cough is a viral disease which irritates the respiratory system causing:

• A strong honking cough

• Nasal discharge

• Sneezing

• Lethargy

• Inappetence 

• Low fever

• Pneumonia (in very severe cases)

Kennel cough is highly transmissible as it is an airborne droplet disease. Dogs commonly contract kennel cough where large numbers of canines congregate, such as boarding/ daycare facilities, training groups and dog parks. Dogs can also pick up the disease through direct contact (nose touching), or from contaminated surfaces. 

Treatment for kennel cough is mostly to isolate from other dogs and to let the disease run its course just like a human cold. The veterinarian may prescribe medication to alleviate the cough and prevent secondary infection. Most cases tend to clear up after 1-2 weeks rest.

Vaccinating against kennel cough is the best way to protect your dog from the disease. Even though it is not a core vaccine, it is highly advisable to vaccinate against kennel cough.

If your dog is experiencing a cough or you would like to get your dog vaccinated for kennel cough, ring the vet clinic on 07 825 8390 and book a consult.